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Past Candidates

The “North Vancouver” riding was created in 1987 from portions of the North Vancouver-Burnaby and Capilano electoral districts.

Our Liberal candidates for each Federal Election since establishment have been:


November 21, 1988

In the first election as the riding of North Vancouver, James Hatton came 2nd to Chuck Cook (Progressive Incumbent since 1979) with over 13,300 votes (27% of votes).


October 25, 1993

With almost 16,000 votes (31% of votes), [Senator] Mobina Jaffer came 2nd to Ted White (Reform). Mobina has played a very active role in the Liberal Party and in 2001 was appointed to the Canadian Senate, on the advice of Prime Minister Chrétien.

The 1993 Election was one of the most eventful elections in Canada’s history, with more than half of the electorate switching parties from the 1988 election. Jean Chrétien led Liberals to a huge victory, winning a majority (177/295).


June 2, 1997

With over 18,800 (34% of votes) votes, Warren Kinsella came 2nd to Incumbent Ted White (Reform). Although losing 22 seats, Jean Chrétien won another majority that election (155/301).


November 27, 2000

With over 18,300 votes (33% of votes), Bill Bell came 2nd to Incumbent Ted White (Alliance).
Jean Chrétien won a majority that election (172/301).


June 28, 2004

For the first time, North Vancouver elected a Liberal MP. Don Bell defeated incumbent (since 1993) Ted White by 2071 votes (40% of votes).


January 23, 2006

Don Bell holds and keeps North Vancouver RED, defeating Cindy Silver (Conservative) by 3336 votes (42% of votes).


October 14, 2008

After a well-fought battle, Don Bell & Liberals lose to Andrew Saxton (Conservative) by just 2820 votes (37% of votes).


May 2, 2011

Campaigns against Liberals across Canada were too strong and the Party lost 43 seats. With less than 2 months to campaign, Taleeb Noormohamed fought hard but Incumbent Andrew Saxton (Conservative) took the riding (~30% of votes).


October 19, 2015

In the 2015 general election, Liberal candidate Jonathan Wilkinson won North Vancouver with a majority of the vote, and serves as parliamentary secretary to the minister of environment and climate change in the Liberal majority government in Canada’s 43rd parliament.