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North Vancouver MP Andrew Saxton leads effort to shutdown F-35 debate

Posted on May 29, 2012

Today, the Harper Government moved to shut down House of Commons hearings into the auditor general’s scathing report on the $25-billion F-35 stealth fighter jet project. North Vancouver Conservative MP Andrew Saxton led the charge.

Our past candidate, Taleeb Noormohamed, had something to say though. Here’s what he sent to local newspaper editors:

To the Editor:

The Harper Conservative Government’s move to shut down Parliamentary committee hearings into the F-35 procurement is an affront to democracy and transparency, and demonstrates a continued contempt of Parliament.  We should be particularly outraged and disappointed to see North Vancouver MP Andrew Saxton leading the charge to suppress the facts related to the purchase of the F-35.

It is now clear the Conservatives used two sets of numbers: an internal-use only amount showing the real cost of the F-35, while sharing a much lower number with Canadian taxpayers.  Both the Parliamentary Budget Officer and the Auditor General have confirmed this.

This government must realize that Canadians have a right to the truth.  If there is nothing to hide, then Andrew Saxton and Stephen Harper should have no problem whatsoever allowing Committee hearings to proceed.

Instead, by subverting parliament, this government has cast a cloud over the entire F-35 procurement process, and has made a mockery of our democracy.

Our brave men and women in uniform are fighting around the world to promote and preserve freedom and democracy; how ironic that a government that demands transparency and accountability from foreign governments refuses to be held to the same standard here in Canada.

Taleeb Noormohamed
Past Liberal Candidate, North Vancouver

Click here for the article in The Vancouver Sun.

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