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Jonathan Wilkinson elected as candidate in North Vancouver

Posted on June 27, 2014

On Friday June 20th, Jonathan Wilkinson was nominated as the candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada in North Vancouver.Over 700 Liberal members (like you!) cast their ballot to nominate Jonathan and demonstrated the power of our growing movement for positive change in the community.

The campaign to elect Jonathan as your Liberal Member of Parliament begins today!

Jonathan is an excellent candidate, who embodies Justin Trudeau’s vision for a better Canada. He is a Rhodes Scholar and has held leadership roles in the business community for the past 20 years, including as CEO of two clean tech companies in Vancouver. In addition to his 20 years in the business community, Jonathan also has previous experience in government as a constitutional negotiator and as a federal-provincial relations specialist.

Jonathan’s contributions to the Liberal Team led by Justin Trudeau will be invaluable.

Thank you to all the nomination contestants, Neil Cave, Mark Pezarro, and Marjan Jamsaz for the hard work they put into this exciting nomination contest.

Together, we can realize a more positive vision for Canada’s future.

Thank You,

Aslam Nathoo

P.S. Help launch Jonathan’s campaign today by becoming a Victory Fund Donor, or by increasing your donation!

Aslam Nathoo
North Vancouver Riding Association President