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The Riding Executive

Name Position
Kimberly Anthony President
Don Bell Executive Vice-President
Mark Pezerro Vice-President
Norma Weiland Secretary
Murray Campbell Treasurer
Paula Slavicky  Organization Chair
Maryam Merissen Membership Chair
John Whyte Fundraising Chair
Jared Girman Communications Chair
Derrick Johnstone Policy Chair
Karim Lalini Nominations Chair
Stephen Smith Seniors Commission Rep
Sheryl Fisher Rivers IPC Rep
Robin Smith Member-at-Large
Nada Bayloun Member-at-Large
Susan Stockdill Member-at-Large
Diana Bedoya Member-at-Large
Ken Kramer Member-at-Large
Tony Valente Member-at-Large
Alysa Huppler-Poliak Member-at-Large

Elected (acclaimed) as of the Annual General Meeting 2016.